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Glas - Europlast, s.r.o.
Glas - Europlast, s.r.o.

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Something about Glas Europlast s.r.o.

Naše firma působí na českém trhu již od roku 1993. Za tuto dobu jsme získali nejen potřebné profesionální znalosti a zkušenosti díky pravidelným školením, ale taktéž námi poskytované výrobky jsou plně v souladu se standardem Evropské unie.

Glas - Europlast, s.r.o.
Company profile

Glass-Europlast Ltd.

was founded in order to provide complex services to customers in the sphere of filler (panel) of building holes. Our firm deals with production and assembly of plastic windows and doors in a wide range of dimensions, shapes and colours including supplements such as inside and outside windowsills, Venetian blinds and window blinds etc.

We also provide all construction works related to the change of windows and doors i. e. outside and inside cleaning around windows and doors, corrections of inside and external renderings.
In our company we employ mainly workers with long-standing experience in production and assembly of plastic windows and doors.


Glass-Europlast Ltd.

produces plastic windows and doors. The firm is located in a newly built factory building in Příbor at Štramberská street. We produce from German 5-chamber profile Aluplast, fittings ROTO, glass Float 4 - 16 Planitherm 4-Argosn, U´=1,0 in a standard offer.

We deal with production and assembly of horizontal and vertical blinds as well. The production is currently extended and includes production and assembly of pre-window blinds, garague door,forged fences, gates and windows-screens.

We carry out assembly of sunshades and sectional garage doors. We also ensure the sale of material for production of blinds and garage doors, window-screens, components for horizontal and vertical blinds. If you are interested in cooperation, we would like to send you our detailed material, we train and meet our production programme.

Glass-Europlast s,r,o, (Ltd.) a holder of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 certificate.