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Glas - Europlast, s.r.o.
Glas - Europlast, s.r.o.

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Something about Glas Europlast s.r.o.

Naše firma působí na českém trhu již od roku 1993. Za tuto dobu jsme získali nejen potřebné profesionální znalosti a zkušenosti díky pravidelným školením, ale taktéž námi poskytované výrobky jsou plně v souladu se standardem Evropské unie.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors consist of sections, horizontal and vertical door-runner rails and winding mechanism. These doors are delivered in a range of high-quality doors WARTOR which are produced from the highest quality European components. The doors can be in cassette (cartridge) or lamella finishes. Sections are manufactured from zinc-coated sheet with powder spray (coating) and filled with hardened polyurethane foam. They are standardly delivered in white colour but it is possible to deliver in RAL finish. This product is mainly characterized by elegant appearance, high quality and longlife durability.